Alchemy Technologies (“Alchemy”), the award winning Fintech Infrastructure Development Company, is excited to announce a partnership with SentiLink, the industry leading SaaS solution to stop synthetic fraud. This partnership enables Alchemy clients to efficiently detect fake identities, reduce fraud fraud losses and boost approval rates.

“Our partnership with SentiLink brings…

SentiLink CEO, Naftali Harris, recently shared on a roundtable how SentiLink created a scalable fraud solution that tracks evolving threat vectors. The combination of a manual review of identities with automation is the key.

He also detailed a new kind of fraud detected by SentiLink, as well as, predictions on how identity verification will impact consumer choice for financial products in the future.

This insightful roundtable hosted by Ocrolus called, “New Models for Fraud Prevention” can be viewed here.

Naftali Harris joined Andreessen Horowitz general partner, Alex Rampell, and Bharat Ramamurti, a member of the COVID-19 Congressional Oversight Commission, to discuss fraud associated with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) on today’s episode of the a16z podcast.

It’s estimated that the government lost at least $100M due to fraud associated with the PPP program. The SBA’s fraud hotline has received over 42,000 reports to date about COVID cheating and mis-use. By contrast, in all of 2019 they received less than 800.

Naftali, Alex and Bharat discuss the conditions that lead to fraud in the PPP program, the types of fraud schemes used, and ideas on other ways the government could tackle identity verification and funds transfer in similar programs in the future.

The full podcast is available here.


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